About odds level in horse racing

Horse racing is granted as one of the famous sports in the world. According to the development of society, betting in horse racing has also become popular with someone loving horse racing. Even some people are crazy with betting in horse racing because of huge prizes and bonus when they are winner.

This article will share information about odd levels in horse racing. Actually, all bettors care about odds level in priority.

1/ Win or Each-Way


In general, winning bet is the most common horse racing bet in the world nowadays. This kind of bet has basic regulation as well regular profit for professional punter

About concept, winning or each-way bet means that per punter will receive a return in case his horse finishes at the second or third position in the horse racing. Estimated that there are at least eight or more horses in one race. Some the handicap races, there are about 16 horse in a race so bookmakers will have to pay down for fourth position, replaced for second or third ranking normally. Before the horse racing, organizer will give notice and remind to all punters.

You should check carefully about the rule. Some betting sites only offer fifth place to find the winning horse. This way is not good for bettor when he has to calculated returns at a further position of the odds in non-handicaps.

2/ Lay betting

Lay betting is a new form of horse racing betting. It means that the punter will take profit from losers. In this kind, you have to take action as a professional bookmaker, you will place on bet at the laying horse which you don’t believe it can win.

As long as you have enough money in your account, you can play the lay betting officially.