Horse racing is a very ancient form of sport. It was developed to entertain people as well as to place wagers. Today, horse racing remains the same. This sport is enjoyed the world over and has the same rules.

How it Works

Horse racing is a sport involving multiple horses on a track. The number varies as to the horses involved in the race. The objective of the race is for the jockey to encourage their horse to run faster than the others. The horse which reaches the finish line first wins the race. It is important for the horses to all start at the same time. When a horse starts the race before the others, this is referred to as a false start. If a false start happens, the horse and jockey who broke off first, have to rejoin the others back on the line and restart the race. If a jockey causes a second false start, they will be disqualified from the race. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that the horse starts at the right time.

The jockey has to finish the entire race, astride the horse. If the rider happens to fall in the middle of the race, and the horse continues to the finish line, this attempt will not count. When urging the horses to run faster, a whip is used. Certain countries, such as the UK, forbid riders from whipping their horses multiple times and have placed a limit on it. The jockey has to be very smart about when to encourage the horse to run faster. If this is done too early, the horse could get tired quickly and have a poor finish.

Horses have to be kept calm before the race to ensure that they are focused when it starts. If the horses are a bit uneasy, they could either refuse to race or even throw the jockey off their back.