Taking Care of Horses

Horses are undoubtedly very strong, fast and powerful beasts, especially when bred for racing, but they also have a soft and gentle side. They continuously need love and proper care for them to thrive. It is, therefore, essential to make sure that they are comfortable at all times.

Just like humans, horses have feelings too, and the way they behave at home, as well as on the racecourse, depends on a lot of external factors. They thrive when their living conditions are very favourable, and this is achieved when the stables they stay in are well maintained. These stables have to have some space for them to move around when they are in there. Horses also do well when they are grouped together with others which they get along with. If they are placed with rival horses, there will be constant fights, which will lead to them being agitated all the time.

There has to be ventilation and good lighting, as well as some peace and quiet. If horses are placed in a continuously noisy area, they will struggle to rest well; this will, in turn, affect their performance on the racecourse.

Horses also flourish when there is healthy human interaction. Trainers, as well as riders, are encouraged to visit the horses when they are in the stable, for an excellent bond to be formed. Grooming the horses, as well as feeding them, develops trust, and this goes a long way in making them follow specific commands. Walks around the stables or even a racecourse are also greatly encouraged. This is because the rider gets to spend more quality time with the horse, and this makes it calmer. If horse and rider do not have a healthy relationship, this tension will definitely show on the track.