History of Horse Racing

Horse racing has undoubtedly been around for a very long time and can actually be traced back to Central Asia. It is said that this marvelous tradition was invented by the nomadic tribesmen, who first domesticated horses and decided them to a whole new entertaining sport.

The most famous ancient races happened at the height of the Roman Empire, where chariot racing, as well as mounted horses, were enjoyed by both royalty and commoners. Horse racing was the one common factor which united all people from different classes together.

Modern Day Horse Racing

Nowadays, one does not have to come from a specific background or lineage for them to have a front-row seat to watch all the action. Horse races are so widespread now that they have become one of the most accepted forms of legal betting in the entire world. Due to the general acceptance of this sport, a lot of revenue has been raised world over. It is estimated that the US has gained an income of about $4 billion in 2019, with most of it being generated by the Pegasus World Cup. This event is followed by the Dubai World Cup, which used to be top of the list when it comes to earnings.

People seeking to enter the horse racing scene must invest a lot of time and effort for it to work out. They first have to get perfect racing breeds such as the Thoroughbred, American Quarter Horse or Standardbred. Instructors and riders also play a significant part in grooming and training the horses. Riders and instructors must have a personal relationship with the horses for there to be that bond and trust. Joining local races helps to boost the confidence of both rider and horse, so this is greatly encouraged.