About one national hunt racing

Horse racing is called a nickname as “royal sport”. According to horse racing history, this sport has been created and developed from many years and served for the royal people. In the modern life, people are equal therefore horse racing is well known for everyone.

To discuss horse racing, there are many topics to refer about one of the oldest sports. In this sport, we will discuss one national hunt racing.

Bumpers on national hunt racing

Bumpers is also called as national hunt flat races are races but they restrict the horses on the flat. In this race, all horses are not mature and lack experience for racing. Through this race, you can hunt some potential horses for the next races in the future.

The bumpers are famous and also organized into championship races at Cheltenham or Aintree.

Novice on national hunt racing

Novice race is also equivalent as the maiden races. It is organized on the flat with other novice from the age of three. At this age, horses are too young to control or understand meaning of hunt racing. Therefore, owners put one rule for them. If horse can win over novice, they receive prizes or reward by foods. If not, there are some penalties for them.

According form of novice, it can bring risks and dangers for racing horse when they have to overcome many fences at young age. But for punter, it’s a good choice for horses to practice skills and start an official racing in the future.

Handicap on national hunt racing

The handicap system has been designed differently from other national hunt racing in weight and distance ratio. In addition, horses in handicap should be trained longer than other flat hunt racing. So it has more possibility to predict potential racing hot.