Top 5 Horse Racing Games in 2019

For anyone who enjoys watching real horse racing, you are exciting to discover horse racing games for PC and smartphone. This article will summarize top the best horse racing games in 2019. Sure that you are exciting and finding these games to download to your PC.

3/ Gallop Racer

While Gallop Racer has been designed on the basic platforms, it is still one of the best horse racing games in the market. To catch with this game, it requires you to take a long time initially, then you can receive hours of fun in the end of game.

Its background is in Gallop Square which is the horse racing park for horses with many ranges of horses and racing. It’s better game to discover information about horse racing as well industry of racing. It can improve your skills about betting odd and stats. Don’t skip it if you have intention to start some real horse racing betting in the next time.

4/ Raceclubs

Raceclubs is an online game for a virtual horse racing. You have an opportunity to train as well feed them for real race times. Throughout this game, you also can design and grow your own horse by some graphics and features in the app.

You can appreciate the performance of horse as well as determine which kind of horse is better for tracking. After finishing this game, you can receive trophies and cash prizes as long as you are winner. It’s a good game to practice racing and leader skills.

5/ G1 Jockey

This is new form of horse racing game when it brings racing experience as the famous F1 racing. Based on Nintendo Wii platform, it offers quick training modes and career modes.

The outstanding of this game is attention to develop strategies about racing as your though. So it’s a better game to understand the real life of racer.