US sports shock: Doping abuse with race horses for fraud

American sports were shocked by the news that 27 horse racing coaches, veterinarians and support staff were charged with building a complex horse racing doping process to cheat the gamblers.

A statement by the Justice Department said on Tuesday that the defendants, including top coach Jason Servis. This is the man who controlled the championship horse, Maximum Security. He were involved in a plan to cheat swag gamblers and rob profits of a $ 100 billion.

Top coach Jason Servis is one of the leaders of the horse doping line

Prosecutors said investigators uncovered evidence of “cruel and inhumane” treatment of 27 horses accused of fraud. An indictment said that Servis, who ran the Maximum Security racehorse first in the Kentucky Derby last year and was subsequently disqualified, had owned performance-enhancing drugs for “all racing horses under the control of him “.

Maximum Security is one of the racing horses dotted by Servis. The horse has continued to race around the world. Last month, he brought US $10 million after winning the Saudi Cup opening race in the Riyadh horse race. The richest man in the world in Saudi Arabia.

According to AFP, the four indictments released on Tuesday. This included a series of offenses and detailed drugs that were mixed and misbranded. The aim was to improve horse racing performance. William F. Sweeney, assistant director of the FBI’s office in New York, said the substances supplied to horses made them run faster than they could naturally allow but increased the risk of injury.

Doping abusive race horses have earned a great deal of money. This happens at races in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Ohio, Kentucky (USA) and the UAE. One of the 27 accused, coach Jorge Navarro, is said to have trained and cheated doping with XY Jet. This is a thoroughbred horse that won the 2019 Golden Shaheen race in Dubai. XY Jet after taking performance boosters died in January due to a heart problem.